Nubank BrandTool [2022]

In 2022 I worked as a freelancer inside Nubank's Brand Foundation Squad. Due to Nubank's exponential growth, the team was organizing the bank's brand identity assets for a global audience within a web platform called BrandTool. The platform was designed to maintain brand consistency and quality across all platforms and for its internal and external stakeholders.

When I joined the project, basic UI, visual design layout, and navigation structure (using cards with no scroll down) were already set up. Some content pages were already designed: like the logo, color, and type guidelines.

My main challenges and outcomes were to enhance and upgrade the UI system for a wide range of new layouts and flows. Change and organize the navigation layers. Edit and design the brand guideline content and assets inside the new platform. Adapt and design the UI and navigation system for a mobile viewport. Design new illustration thumbs and direct the motion design interaction of it. And accompany the developers team to maintain and guarantee a smooth user experience for both front and back-end functionalities.

Venetucci [2023]

Branding, Logo Design, and Visual Identity Guidelines for Venetucci, a studio specialized in object and furniture design.

The development of the Venetucci brand was founded on the values, concepts, and methodologies of the talented designer, Sofia Venetucci. Her creations suggest dynamism and encourage communication with the user, allowing them to interact with the object. The playful approach of the objects served as the central guide for the visual identity of the brand.

While the brand required an exclusive feel, it also wanted to convey a sense of fun and friendliness. With this in mind, we proposed an identity that evokes a childlike sense of play, but with certain rules and constraints. The visual assets were designed to resemble an architect's template stencil ruler, consisting of simple elements that can be mixed and combined to produce great visual compositions.

The forms created to enhance the brand concept and assist the visual compositions were first conceived as comfortable and organic, and then transformed into outlines to modulate the visuality of the brand. The visual assets can be used to create an exclusive or fun look without compromising the brand's visual identity. For the logo, we chose the font Moki by BB Bureau, which is made up of oblong modular sections.

Project developed between February and March, 2023.

Thinking Machine Systems [2021]

Brand Design System, and Brand Book for Thinking Machine Systems. TMS is a British contract cycle and management company that offers IA technology to analyze contracts.

I directed and designed the visual system and guidelines in partnership with Macuco Lab that led the Brand consultancy, copy guidelines, and illustration development.

The main company's challenge was to be a valuable option of service within a market filled with different players and value propositions.

Our outcome was the organization of the client's brand platform, the portfolio of services, and a repositioning that led us to change the main target from IT professionals to procurement and decision makers: offering a simple, powerful, and accessible solution for their problems.

Visually we developed a bright, professional, and happy language. The client already used blue to communicate its brand before, so we uplifted the tone and added more colors to offer a bright and solar color palette. We brought the swoosh, circle and underlining elements to make a link of what we usually do when analyzing documents by hand and highlighting information with a pen. The use of a grotesque typeface was driven by the public recognition of that  font draw within the digital transformation market. A Brand Book was designed to contain and explain all the verbal and visual assets produced. 

Learning Book [2020]

Logo and Visual Identity for Learning Book: Somos' Group Platform and Service for E-Learning.

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, we found ourselves in a situation where the digital transformation of education proved to be the sole viable solution for sustaining school activities. The Learning Book emerged as an integrated solution provided by the Somos Group to its schools, combining its 100% digital pedagogical content services, the Plurall platform, and a Chromebook computer (provided as a service).

The task at hand was to create a brand that adhered to a previously established brand architecture while harmonizing with a range of brands that integrated with each educational system utilizing the service.

The logo design mirrors the transition to the digital realm in a straightforward and enjoyable manner. The visual world of the brand is vibrant and lucid, incorporating hand-drawn graphics as a nod to the logo and as a way to emphasize that, even in a digital environment, the learning process relies on the human element to thrive.

Project commissioned by Try Consultoria.

Sou Vagalume [2021]

Logo, brand design and brand book for the solar energy generation and distribution company Sou Vagalume.
Project developed within Voltz/Comerc.

KaiOS [2019]

Design and art direction for visual identity system, brand guidelines, and brand book for KaiOS rebranding. Project developed within Orchid Creation.


Amarello Website [2014]

UI Design, project management, and information design for Amarello magazine website and e-commerce.

Públicos em Emergência [2017]

Design and typesetting of the printed master thesis of the artist Diogo de Moraes.

This project is featured in the book “Print Finishes: Push Your Designs from Good to Great” published by Design 360° Magazine/ Sandu Publishing.

Our North is the South [2021]

Design, typesetting, and layout of Our North is the South exhibition catalog. The show took place at Galeria Bergamin & Gomide in the second semester of 2021, in São Paulo. Done with Beatriz Dorea.

Habuba Farah [2021]

Design and layout of Habuba Farah exhibition catalog made for Gomide & Co gallery on their participation at Art Basel Miami Beach 2021.

Panoramas do Sul [2017]

Design and typesetting for the printed catalogue of 20º Festival de Arte Contemporânea Sesc_Videobrasil (20th Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil). With/art direction: Vitor Cesar.

Revista Boletim [2018–2021]

Design and typesetting of Boletim do Departamento Formação em Psicanálise magazine published by Instituto Sedes Sapientiae. Design made in collaboration with Mateus Tenuta.

Baleia à Vista [2018]

Poster design for Projeto Baleia à Vista.
Scientific illustrations: Frederick Palinger.

New Worlds: Frontiers, Inclusion, Utopias [2017]

Design and typesetting of the online publication New Worlds: Frontiers, Inclusion, Utopias published by Comitê Brasileiro de História da Arte (CBHA), Comité International de l’Histoire de l’Art and Vasto.

BMW Jazz Festival [2011/2012]

Lettering compositions for 2011 and 2012 BMW Jazz Festival video releases. Art direction: Renan Costa Lima..

Contos da Neuronet [2013]

Editorial production, edition, design, typesetting and graphic production for the Contos da Neuronet Volume 1. Illustrations: Pedro Piccinini

Gráfico Assemblage [2015]

Research, archive, collages, book design and print production.

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