Frederico Floeter is a graphic designer, art director and artist. He is currently based in São Paulo, where he runs his studio and also work as freelancer. He has an interdiciplinary approuch and its main practice focus are book design, identity design for exhibitions and brands for the culture sector and a wide range of differnt fields clients. He also has interests and practices in integrative medice and yoga. 

In 2011 he abotaned his bachelor degree on Visual Communication / Graohic Design at Centro Universitário Senac (São Paulo). Since then he has worked in graphic design studios and offices like ps.2 arquitetura+design, Fonte Design, Amarello Design Studio. . 

Between 2014 and 2015 he was FFWMAG magazine graphic designer.

Since 2014 he callaborates with Vitor Cesar (Estudio Permitido) on books, catalogues and exhibions design.

Between 2015 e 2016 he took classes as guest student at the Landcape and Environment, and Design department of the post graduation course of Faculdade de Arquitetura e Urbanismo - Universidade de São Paulo [University of São Paulo College of Architecture and Urbanism architecture].

For inquiries, full CV, and other questions, please get in contact:[at]

+55 11 97178.3934

Gif animation published on Livro Pirata (Pirate Book) part of Piracy Project of AND Publishing (UK), 2011.