KaiOS [2019]

Design and art directon for the creation of the Brand Guidelines, Brand Book, Key Visuals, Corporative Deck Presentation, Space Signage, and Stationary for KaiOS rebranding. Team project developed within Orchid Creation.

Boletim Magazine [2019]

Design and typesetting of Boletim do Departamento Formação em Psicanálise magazine published by Instituto Sedes Sapientiae. Design made in collaboration with Mateus Tenuta. 


Naming, Visual and Verbal Identity, Social Media, Advertising Creation and Copywriting for the hashtag searcher Versaway. With Estevão Macuco [Macucolab].

Baleia à Vista

Poster design for Projeto Baleia à Vista. Scientific illustrations: Frederick Palinger.

Amarello Website

Website design, layout, and information design for Amarello magazine.

Públicos em Emergência

Design and typesetting of the printed master thesis of the artist Diogo de Moraes.

Panoramas do Sul 2017

Design and typesetting for the printed catalogue of 20º Festival de Arte Contemporânea Sesc_Videobrasil (20th Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil). With/art direction: Vitor Cesar.

New Worlds: Frontiers, Inclusion, Utopias

Design and typesetting of the online publication New Worlds: Frontiers, Inclusion, Utopias published by Comitê Brasileiro de História da Arte (CBHA), Comité International de l’Histoire de l’Art and Vasto.

Atitude Mental Positiva

Poster design for the Positive Mental Attitude slogan.

Guia Dasartes/ Brazil Art Guide

Design and typesetting for Guia Dasartes and Brazil Art Guide.

BMW Jazz Festival

Lettering compositions for 2011 and 2012 BMW Jazz Festival video releases. Art direction: Renan Costa Lima.

Gráfico Assemblage

Research, archive, collages, book desig and print production.

Guia Comum do Centro do Recife

Design, typesetting and artistic and creative team for  Guia Comum do Centro do Recife. With Vitor Cesar.

Contos da Neuronet

Editorial production, edition, design, typesetting and graphic production for the  Contos da Neuronet Volume 1. Illustrations: Pedro Piccinini.

Estante Viva

Identity and signing design, design and typesetting for the printed program, and invitations for the literature educational project Estante Viva (Alive Shelf). With Gilberto Tomé.

Cesar e Rosalie

DVD cover for Lume Filmes.